Outside of Computer Science, I have plenty of hobbies to take up my time.

I've been playing Chess competitively since I was 9 and I'm currently rated over 2100 USCF. In addition to playing, I'm also very active on the organizer side. I'm currently organizing the States Chess Club, a team league with 29 states across the country. In the past, I was President of the UMN Chess Club for two years, and I've also been on the boards of both the MSCA and the Chess Castle. I also occasionally stream on Twitch.

I've been rock climbing on and off since middle school, but I rediscovered it in 2018 and got sucked in again. Unfortunately, I can't really climb anymore due to COVID-19. Instead, I've recently taken up running and biking to help stay in shape, until I can hit the climbing walls again.

During college, I started riding public transit for the first time, and I really got interested in the field of Urban Planning. I follow the Twin Cities transit scene pretty closely, and I've even written a few articles of my own on streets.mn!